Always Remember That Antique Mall
 Always Remember That Antique Mall


They give their all to us. Let's show them we care.

We have become a donation drop off point for items to be shipped to our active troops overseas.

We would be thrilled to accept and send the following items:


Phone calling cards- AT&T work best.

Dry socks-black, olive green,white;cotton or wool only.

Books-i.e. novels,action/adventure,sci-fi,etc.,nothing overtly political.

DVD's & CD'S, magizines -sports, hunting, cars,etc. Nothing lewd ,suggestive or out of date.

Playing cards, iTunes gift cards, travel-size games, batteries.


FOOD: candy-i.e.mints,smarties,jolly rancher,etc that can be kept in pockets.

Chewing gum, coffee.

Condiments-i.e. spices,sugar,salad dressing, ketchup packets.etc.

Powder drink mix-i.e. Crystal lite,Kool-aide,etc.

Snack food-i.e.beef jerky,trail mix,nuts,granola bars,etc.


Plastic baggies(to keep sand away from items like toothbrushes,etc).


Toiletries--baby wipes,combs and brushes,cotton balls & q-tips,deodorant,eye drops,hair gel lotion,nasal spray,razors,shampoo, conditioner,shoe insole cushions,soap, sunblock,bug spray, toothbrushes/paste and dental floss.





NO aerosal sprays or cans.

NO contraband plants,tobacco,knives,etc.

NO expired food.

NO glass bottles or jars.

NO home-baked goods.

NO lewd, suggestive or overly politicial magizines,books,DVD or CD'S.

NO lighters,matches,lither fluid or other flammable items.

NO vhs or cassette tapes.

All cash collected will be used for postage and to purchase additional items.


Your donation goes 100% to our troops.



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ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT ANTIQUE MALL. We are a 10,000 sq.ft. Antique Mall with over 100 dealers. Featuring antiques from the Civil War era to todays hottest collectables. Also select decorative items. Specializing in friendly service with a knowledgeable staff. Shopping 18 minutes East of Lake Geneva Wisconsin, On State Hwy. 50. On our new website, we introduce our dealers and announce special events.

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